Accent Lighting

Accent lighting from Basnight Land & Lawn provides that special effect that brings your outdoor landscape to life.

Form and Function

From spotlighting trees to highlighting paths, outdoor accent lighting from Basnight is designed for both form and function. Engineered for all-weather performance, accent lighting will add beauty and safety to your outdoor spaces all year long.

outdoor accent lightingHighlight What You Love

You’ve worked hard to make your home and garden look so attractive. Don’t let the neighborhood miss out on your lovely landscape when the sun goes down. Accent lighting will bring life to your home at night and bring warmth to your outdoor living.

Transform an existing patio, deck or pool area into an enjoyable nighttime retreat. Pool parties, dinners on the patio or barbecues with neighbors become even more memorable when outdoor lighting is added or improved.

Call Basnight Land & Lawn

If you’re interested in giving your yard that extra touch and thinking about outdoor accent lighting, call Basnight Land & Lawn now at 757-436-9617.