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Preparing Your Yard for Fall

1377123_10152013074799343_1974343329_nFall is the busiest time of the year for most families – kids are back in school, being driven to and from extracurricular activities and having friends over, while parents are getting ready for a holiday season full of family visits, travel and parties. The last thing you’ll want to worry about through the whirlwind of fall fun is working on your yard, so this month is the time to prepare your yard for cooler temperatures. Here are a few tasks to check off your list:

1.     Be sure to clean up your garden by pulling weeds, trimming back leaves and deadheading flowers. If you have a larger garden with many seasonal vegetables and annual flowers, you’ll want to pull these and clean up the area before temperatures get cold and the ground begins to freeze.
2.     Continue to mow your lawn until the growing season fully ends, but plan on coring and fertilizing your yard to protect it from heavy rains and relieve it from pressure and damage that can accumulate during summer activities.
3.     If you have water features in your yard, consider whether they will need to be drained or not to prevent damage during freezing and thawing. Smaller fountains can be drained and stored inside, but more complicated features may require the help of one of our maintenance professionals.
4.      We know you’ll want to keep using your pool until the very last warm day of the year, but now is a good time to make sure you have all of the right materials to prepare your pool for closing. Check to make sure your items for drainage and cleaning are organized and ready to go!
5.     Consider adding a fire pit and outdoor seating. A professionally installed fire pit is a fast and easy way to have a fire with friends and family during the fall, and causes no damage to your yard. Now is a great time to add a fire pit so that it is ready for the first chilly night of the season!

Many fall maintenance tasks will require the help of a professional. The experts at Basnight Land and Lawn are ready to help you prepare your yard now so your fall is easy-going and open for family activities and fun! Whether you need a patio or fireplace, call us today at (757) 436-9617 or fill out the Contact form.


Why Basnight Properties Look So Good

One of our client property managers recently asked us, “why do your beds look so much better than everyone else’s?”  One of the main reasons is simple – we use only locally grown flowers and shrubs, and we’re involved in the growing process and know exactly what it takes for plants to thrive in our environment.

This level of quality control is extremely difficult to provide, but it’s part of the Basnight standard, and means flower beds maintained by Basnight Land & Lawn look great, whether it’s first day the flowers go in, or six weeks later.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the plants, though.  We use top quality mulch, again sourced locally and regularly inspected for quality control, and make sure our beds have the right consistency, mulch color and depth, so that your properties look their best.

One other aspect where the Basnight approach makes a difference is in irrigation and drainage.  Early summer means heavy rains, and we are up to the challenge of making sure water drains properly on your property. And, when it comes to drier months, a Basnight-installed and maintained irrigation system provides trouble-free, consistent watering at the right amount for your plants and grass.

No matter what the need, the full-service teams at Basnight Land & Lawn are ready to help your properties this spring.  if you have a question about our commercial landscaping services, or if you’d like a no-obligation review of your property, give us a call at 757-436-9617.

pool lighting

Best Landscape Lighting Ideas

It’s unofficially summertime and that means lots of warm nights spent outdoors with family and friends. The longer days contribute more natural light, but later nights require an outdoor lighting scheme to both highlight beautiful landscaping and keep traffic areas safe. Basnight Land & Lawn specializes in landscape lighting for walkways, pool decks, foliage accents, and more. Here are some tips for effectively lighting your outdoor areas!

Draw the eye strategically. Effective walkway lighting, for instance, helps bring people from point A to point B safely and with visual interest. It should also work with low light at dusk and moonlight.

basnight 10

Follow the “less-is-more” adage. When it comes to landscape lighting, there is such thing as too much. Highlight the landscape features you love and make sure people can get where they are going safely. Include more accent lighting than that and it may be excessive.

IMG_4273Don’t be afraid of natural light sources. Whether it’s a firepit or solar-powered pathway lights, harnessing the power of natural light can save you money and seriously beautify your landscape.

Play with warm and cool tones. One way to make your outdoor features really pop is to mix warm and cool light fixtures (consider the difference between moonlight and candlelight).

Get bold. Bright, bold colors are not off limits for many landscape aesthetics. Take this pool lighting, for instance.

pool lightingAre you ready to upgrade and enhance your landscape lighting? Call Basnight Land & Lawn at (757) 436-9617. We can create an innovative lighting design that will keep your yard looking great all day and into the night.


Different Types of Fire Pits for Every Landscape

There are few things better on a cool spring or summer night than snuggling up next to a backyard fire pit. It’s one of the most popular hardscaping requests we receive and clients typically have a lot of questions about the options available. A good fire pit is beautiful, safe, easy to light, and usable all year long. But all fire pits are not created equal, in size, shape, or function (see our fire pit gallery here).

Classic 360° Fire Pits

basnight 3When someone thinks of a fire pit, this is the type they typically picture. It can be either wood-burning or gas-powered and constructed with various types of stone. Some customers opt for built in seating while others prefer to place chairs around the structure. Either way, this traditional style will keep everyone warm and provide a comfortable gathering spot.

Outdoor Fireplaces

While not technically “fire pits,” outdoor fireplaces like this one have been gaining popularity. They are often combined with outdoor kitchens and tend to save more space than traditional circular fire pits.


Gas Fire Tables

firepit-6-lgThese come in a variety of heights and have a contemporary aesthetic for a streamlined backyard or patio. Homeowners who invest in a fire table must be able to safely install a gas line as well.




We believe that there is a fire pit (or related fire feature) for every home. It’s important to think of fire pit installation as part of the whole, because the surrounding hardscaping and landscaping help make it functional, safe, and comfortable. Basnight Land & Lawn specializes in fire pit design and installation. We build the perfect fire feature to enhance your landscaping and your home. Call us today at (757) 436-9617 to get an estimate for your project.


Your Communities Deserve the Best

Spring is the time when grounds maintenance companies get to shine, and make you, the property manager look great.  Smart property owners know that quality grounds maintenance is much more than cutting grass and spreading mulch.  Companies like Basnight Land & Lawn make sure the property looks great, no matter what the season. 

This month our crews are cleaning up after late winter and early spring storms, removing downed branches and trimming shrubs.  We’re also adding color and staging beds with plants and flowers of varying heights and hues.

Irrigation systems go through spring startup testing for full functionality, and drainage systems are checked for clogs and debris.  Of course turf applications are happening as well, along with fresh mulch and any needed paver repairs.

No matter what the need, the full-service teams at Basnight Land & Lawn are ready to help. From pavers and water features to shrubs and regular maintenance, if you have a need for commercial landscaping services, give us a call at 757-436-9617.


Pump Up Your Pool Deck for Summer


If you have an in-ground pool, now is the time to think about opening it and getting ready for summer swimming. While many people just think about clearing the water, testing PH levels and getting any debris out of the pool itself, there are a number of other things you can do to make the most of pool-prep, including upgrading the pool deck itself.


When installing a new pool or renovating the pool area, the first aspect to consider is safety. It’s important to follow all local codes and regulations in order to protect your family, friends, and property. One way we like to enhance safety is by installing slip-resistant porcelain pavers around the pool area. The Mirage line is both frost and skid-resistant and is a beautiful choice for any pool deck.


You’ve taken the time and money to invest in your pool. Why not make the pool area even more attractive with water features, accent lighting, hardscape installations, or an outdoor kitchen? These additions make entertaining easier and more fun for everyone.

Firepits are another great addition to any landscape, but especially for one with a pool. Cooler summer nights will be much cozier when friends and family can get out of the pool and warm up by the fire.

If you’re ready to update your pool area, now is the time! Let Basnight do the work to get your pool ready for summer entertaining. Call (757) 436-9617 to talk about your project or contact us online. We also do work for the homeowner’s associations, condo associations and more.


Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Your Lawn?

During the winter, the condition of your lawn may be low on the list of your priorities. It’s generally on the brown side till spring. This year, however, the weather has been warmer than usual and you may be noticing greener grass or even weeds sprouting up already. Many of our clients are asking, “What can I do to have a beautiful landscape this season?”

As a homeowner, a great looking yard can make all the difference in both curb appeal and the way you see your home. A bad looking yard, on the other hand, can be a real thorn in your side. It’s common for people to have a love-hate relationship with their landscapes, but you don’t have to be one of them! Basnight Land & Lawn specializes in landscape design and installation for beautiful lawns all year. There are plenty of ways to enhance curb appeal that are “evergreen:”

Call or contact Basnight Land & Lawn today before the spring rush begins to talk about how we can work together to make your landscape one you love!


Add Basnight Land & Lawn to Your Bid Lists

Dependable Grounds Maintenance You Can Trust
This is an exciting time of year at Basnight Land & Lawn: property managers are creating their bid lists for RFQs and talking with grounds maintenance companies about 2017 contracts. We’re very appreciative of the opportunities to continue serving existing communities and expand to new properties.

We’ve already heard from several managers asking us to bid on additional properties from their portfolios, based on their experience working with Basnight Land & Lawn.  In addition, we are pleased to welcome back two large portfolios to the Basnight family of award-winning grounds maintenance.

Basnight Land & Lawn is fully licensed and insured, and has provided grounds maintenance services for nearly 30 years. Our team is consistently rated one of the top 100 outdoor contracting companies in the nation by Landscape Management Magazine. Our grounds maintenance team has the experience, certifications and expertise to ensure your grounds are managed to your complete satisfaction. From design services, pavers and water features, to drainage solutions and snow removal, the Basnight team is known for excellence.

If you don’t already have us on your bid list, we invite you add us and send your RFQs for a comprehensive proposal. Please contact Kent Basnight at with your RFQ or bid questions.


Prioritize Commercial Grounds Maintenance: 2017 Resolution for Businesses

Did you make any personal New Year’s resolutions this year? Maybe you want to get fit, spend more time with family, or be more mindful about spending money. The new year is a time to start fresh and reorient goals and habits. This reorientation doesn’t have to stop with you. This year, think about the ways you can improve and add ease to your professional life. If you are involved in building maintenance, property management or a homeowners association, consider focusing on your organization’s grounds and landscaping. Basnight Land & Lawn can help.

Beautiful and well-managed landscaping makes a difference. It has an even bigger impact when the people in charge of the organization don’t have to worry about its maintenance. Make it a professional goal this year to feel good about the way your grounds look without having to worry about maintaining them.

Basnight Land and Lawn can develop a structured commercial landscaping plan for your organization that is based on the unique needs of your customers, employees, and/or residents. We offer:

  • Design and installation of landscaping
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Subdivision entrance features
  • Irrigation design (start up and winterization)
  • Concrete walkway and driveway design
  • Accent lighting
  • Snow removal
  • Pest control
  • Large-scale lighting
  • Turf and ornamental treatment applications

Call us today at (757) 436-9617 to learn more about what we can do for our commercial clients.


We Are Ready for Winter Snow Removal

Winter is Here!
It’s not just the Holiday Season it’s also Snow Season! So what’s your snow or ice event plan? If you rely on Basnight Land & Lawn to keep your grounds safe and clear, then be sure you’ve sent your snow contract back to us! This is the most important step to ensure a rapid response when the freeze sets in. Be ready now before the first storm!

Exciting News!
We have invested in our fleet for 2017! One key upgrade is new technology for dispatching and route planning. For you this means an even quicker response time! Check out our snow equipment photo. The Basnight Land & Lawn Team is a mighty force ready and waiting. Secure your place with us today!

Should you need an updated contract for the current season, please reach out to your Area Manager or call the Office at 757-436-9617.

Natural Ice-Melt!
Basnight Land & Lawn was at the forefront of the use of “Green” ice treatments for commercial applications within our region. All-Natural Ice Melter was harder to get and more expensive than conventionally harsh chemicals, but it has always been the right fit for who we are as a company. You may see some “new” “Green” ice melts on the market, but they are essentially the same as our go-to product.

The Manufacturer of our preferred ice melter, The Kissner Group, is North America’s leading ice melt manufacturer and deicer supplier. This product is industry leading in safety, environmental and pet friendliness, as well as, it’s non-pitting to concrete and won’t damage the lawn. When professionally applied, it is non-slip and is long lasting and fast acting. Our Ice Melt has a blue color indicator to allow the consumer, applicator and customer a visual of the areas that have been treated.  


If you have in-house staff and you treat your own grounds for ice, your best advantage is buying ice melt treatments at wholesale. We will extend that discount to you all season! Avoid retail pricing and buy where the Professionals Buy. Call our Sister company Tidewater Mulch & Material (757) 436-0149.