Back To School? Back To Backyards.

Heading back to school can be a big deal for your kids. It means they are making new friends, learning new things, and gaining new life experiences. Keeping the family connected during the busy back to school season can be difficult, but the solution may be in your own backyard.

Your home’s backyard can provide the perfect place for gatherings of all kinds, and a well-designed yard can be the key to bringing family and friends together during the school year. As the weather cools, opportunities for outdoor activities open up and you have the chance to make your home the place to be. Here are a few items you can add to your yard to provide the ultimate social space for you and your kids:


Seating. Adding purposeful seating can bring people to your backyard and make them want to stay. A seating-wall is perfect for adding to an outdoor fireplace and is easier to manage than chairs. What can be a comfortable spot for your kids to do their homework after school can also become a warm social circle during cooler nights. Your kids stay closer, and your house becomes “the spot.”

An outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen makes for a relaxing cooking experience and keeps dirt from being tracked inside your home during serving and cleanup. Guests will be impressed and time for socialization will double with more room to linger around the cooking area.  Plus, cooking outdoors is fun and we can provide all the functions of an inside kitchen.

Lighting. As the summer winds down, hours of daylight decrease. Adding accent lighting to your backyard will create a warm environment and keep friends and family together longer as the sun fades away.


If you’re ready to create the perfect space for your kids to socialize after school and for your friends and family to bond, contact Basnight Land & Lawn at (757) 436-9617 and find out what options are best for your home.