Pave the Way to a Better Backyard

The weather is finally warming up in Virginia, and you’re probably feeling ready to spend more time outside in the sun. Unfortunately, after the long, cold winter we had, many homeowners have put off projects and their backyards aren’t quite the relaxing area they want it to be.

If you’ve ever considered a backyard patio or new pavers, now is the perfect time to put a plan into action! Spring activities will be starting soon, and you’ll want your yard to be in top shape for relaxation, outdoor parties and family fun.

Backyard patios don’t have to be boring – stone pavers come in a wide variety of looks with different colors and patterns, and the designers at Basnight can bring your ideas to life, using your own personal style in the process. Patios can be all different shapes and sizes, and can work naturally into the shape of your yard. For instance, take a look at this recent project that extends the patio well into the depth of the yard using a walkway: (pic)

When paired with outdoor furniture, décor and landscaping, your backyard can be transformed into an upscale garden retreat.

Patios are also beneficial because of how low-maintenance they are – if one stone gets damaged, it’s a quick and easy fix!  They are also incredibly durable and add value to your home. During the spring and summer, you’ll spend less time mowing and weeding your lawn, while in the fall you’ll spend less time raking. Patios are easy to clean, and with a hose or leaf blower can easily be rid of leaves and dirt from most pavers.

We promise your stone paver installation from Basnight Land & Lawn will complement your home and outdoor area beautifully. If you’re ready to turn your backyard into the one you’ve always wanted, give us a call today at (757) 436-9617.