Why Basnight Properties Look So Good

Looking The Best

One of our client property managers recently asked us, “why do your beds look so much better than everyone else’s?”  One of the main reasons is simple – we use only locally grown flowers and shrubs, and we’re involved in the growing process and know exactly what it takes for plants to thrive in our environment. This is also directly related to the quality staff that we employee.

This level of quality control is extremely difficult to provide, but it’s part of the Basnight standard, and means flower beds maintained by Basnight Land & Lawn look great, whether it’s first day the flowers go in, or six weeks later.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the plants, though.  We use top quality mulch, again sourced locally and regularly inspected for quality control, and make sure our beds have the right consistency, mulch color and depth, so that your properties look their best.

One other aspect where the Basnight approach makes a difference is in irrigation and drainage.  Early summer means heavy rains, and we are up to the challenge of making sure water drains properly on your property. And, when it comes to drier months, a Basnight-installed and maintained irrigation system provides trouble-free, consistent watering at the right amount for your plants and grass.

No matter what the need, the full-service teams at Basnight Land & Lawn are ready to help your properties this spring.  if you have a question about our commercial landscaping services, or if you’d like a no-obligation review of your property, give us a call at 757-436-9617.