Take Gardening to The Next Level with a Raised Garden Bed

This simple summer DIY project will give your yard a distinct look and also help protect your flowers and vegetables from rodents and insects all season long.

What you will need:

For this project you will need sturdy wood cut to your desired dimensions, we recommend four 4X4’s cut to 16 inches for support posts, and four 8-foot-long 2X12’s. Construction Heart Redwood is an ideal choice because of its high resistance to rot; this is because the wood comes from the center of the log.

Additionally you will need a roll of gopher wire, a staple gun, a pack of 3 1/2 inch wood screws, a power drill, 16 cubic feet of planting soil, wood clamps, and a shovel.

Building your Raised Garden Bed:

Assemble your raised garden bed upside down on a level surface. Place a piece of 8-foot-long wood on its thin edge and align a post piece to one side. Use the wood clamps to secure the 4X4 wood pieces to the longer ones, drill pilot holes for the screws (make sure that your drill bit is slightly smaller than the screw itself), and secure the two pieces together. Do this for all of your wood pieces and secure all the fours sides together making sure they are level and square.

Place the built bed where you plan for your garden to be, then mark and dig holes where the 4 posts sit. After placing the bed in the holes, make sure it is level, and then fill the holes to secure your bed.

Spread gopher wire across the bottom of the bed and staple it to the inside of the wood walls, stretching the material to avoid wrinkles. Now you can fill your bed with a mix of planting soil from your local garden store or compost. Quickly water the soil to moisten it and your new garden bed is ready to go!

For a more decorative touch, you can paint or stain your garden bed however you like before assembling it or before digging it into the ground.

Now that you have a raised garden bed ready to go, you can call Basnight Land & Lawn to transform the rest of your yard into a summertime oasis! Call 757-436-9617 today!