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Basnight Land & Lawn Can help Your Commercial Property Look The Best

landscapingHow can Basnight Land & lawn help you make your commercial property look the best?

Spring is the time when commercial grounds maintenance companies get to shine and make you, the property manager, realize that you made a great decision hiring Basnight Land & lawn. Smart property owners know that quality grounds maintenance is much more than cutting grass and spreading mulch. Companies like Basnight Land & Lawn make sure the property looks great, no matter what the season. Our commercial services division has slowly climbed into the number 1 service that is requested, and we are more than happy to provide these services to our valuable clients.

Commercial landscaping encompasses a variety of different things. Initial design, project management, maintenance of the commercial property and flexibility to assist when there are circumstances which require landscape intervention. Please keep in mind, there are lots of landscaping companies in our area, however, Basnight Land & Lawn is the best! Our crews are professional, knowledgeable, and hard working. Our design team ensures what you want is exactly what you get. Our services vary greatly across the industries in landscaping. If you want a company you can trust, give Basnight Land & Lawn a call for an estimate or consultation. We typically exceed our clients expectations and would be happy to exceed yours!

This month, our crews are cleaning up after late winter and early spring storms, removing downed branches and trimming shrubs. We’re also adding color and staging beds with plants and flowers of varying heights and hues.

Irrigation systems are de-winterized or started up and tested for full functionality, and drainage systems are checked for clogs and debris. Of course, turf applications are happening as well, along with fresh mulch and any needed paver repairs.

No matter what the need, the full-service teams at Basnight Land & Lawn are ready to help. From pavers and water features to shrubs and regular grounds maintenance, if you have a need for commercial landscaping services, give us a call at (757) 436-9617.Holly-Point-Basnight

Thanks for the Support! Basnight at CA Day Trade Show

basnight-giveaway7It was so great to see so many property managers at the 32nd Annual CA Day Trade Show and Expo! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, and tried their hand at our online scavenger hunt! What a fun and educational time for all involved!

We were pleased to give away several Husqvarna string trimmers as prizes, too – congratulations to Marilyn Funk-Andleton with Andleton Management, Toni Adams with United Property Associates and Amber Moore with Community Group (pictured with her new trimmer).

pittosporum - winter burn (1)

Winter Burn: Seasonal Landscaping Problems


unpredictable weather

This month’s weather has been incredibly confusing for Virginia residents. The cold, rain, and then warmth cycles make it difficult to dress in the morning and maintain a comfortable temperature in our homes. You may have also noticed that the strange weather is affecting your lawn!

If your plants are looking dead or rust-brown in color, they may be experiencing what is referred to as “winter burn.” The heavy snow and freezing temperatures we experienced in December and January have caused winter burn on many evergreen plants due to the lack of water being transferred to leaves when the ground is frozen, and with the sun shining brightly, it evaporates any water already in the leaves. As temperatures rise, and plants begin to sprout new leaves, the damaged areas begin to drop off, leaving areas of the plant bare.

ligustrum - winter burnpittosporum - winter burn (1)

It can be nearly impossible to repair plants already suffering from winter burn, but you can remove the dead areas of the plant and provide a healthy environment with new soil, fertilizer and plenty of water to allow for new growth. If the plant is completely dead and presents no new growth, you’ll need to completely remove the plant to prevent rot.

Because of the often and unpredictable Virginia winters, it is difficult to plan ahead and completely avoid winter burn and/or damage to plants without consulting a professional. If you are planning a new garden or replacing dead plants and want to avoid winter burn, contact the experts at Basnight Land & Lawn who know when and where to place plants to keep them healthy and thriving.

Now is the perfect time to start working on your garden so that it is in tip-top shape and ready for spring blooms. If you need to repair winter burn damage or plan your garden to prevent damage next winter, give us a call today at (757) 436-9617 or use our online consultation form.

What’s Your Snow Removal Plan?

snow removal plans

If you’re like most proactive property managers, you’re already thinking about winter snow and ice removal for the upcoming season. The smart play is to have your resources lined up now, so your property gets the attention it needs when the snow starts to fly. Effective snow removal is more than plowing into a mound in the corner of your lot – there are proper ways to prevent ice without damaging the underlying sidewalks, and to avoid harming your landscaping and plants.

Every year Basnight Land & Lawn gets calls from frantic property managers who either didn’t get around to planning ahead, or are not getting service from their planned provider. While we always try to help and get those properties added to our route, our contracted accounts always get service first.

Having a smart snow removal plan is extremely important for property and business owners, both in terms of customer/employee safety and peace of mind during stressful weather events like snow storms.

Now is the time to talk with your Basnight Land & Lawn rep about:

  • Landscape protection (a particular challenge for waterfront properties).
  • Snow removal from public sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and walkways.
  • Landscaping winterization before the snow starts falling and when experiencing frequent deep freezes.
  • Ice and slip-hazard management.

This year, let Basnight do the work for you and provide peace of mind. Get on our snow removal priority list today and find yourself ahead of the game when bad weather hits the area this winter. Call a landscaping technician at (757) 436-9617 to talk about your snow removal

Natural Ice Melt

Have you heard about our “green” all-natural ice melt? It doesn’t harm sidewalks, pavers, lawns or landscaping, yet keeps your property clear of ice. It’s both long-lasting and fast-acting, and has a helpful blue color so it’s easy to see where the ice-melt has been applied. Keep in mind, some ice-melting products cannot be used in spaces that pets have access to, so be sure to use something that is “pet-safe”.


Prioritize Commercial Grounds Maintenance: 2017 Resolution for Businesses

Did you make any personal New Year’s resolutions this year? Maybe you want to get fit, spend more time with family, or be more mindful about spending money. The new year is a time to start fresh and reorient goals and habits. This reorientation doesn’t have to stop with you. This year, think about the ways you can improve and add ease to your professional life. If you are involved in building maintenance, property management or a homeowners association, consider focusing on your organization’s grounds and landscaping. Basnight Land & Lawn can help.

Beautiful and well-managed landscaping makes a difference. It has an even bigger impact when the people in charge of the organization don’t have to worry about its maintenance. Make it a professional goal this year to feel good about the way your grounds look without having to worry about maintaining them.

Basnight Land and Lawn can develop a structured commercial landscaping plan for your organization that is based on the unique needs of your customers, employees, and/or residents. We offer:

  • Design and installation of landscaping
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Subdivision entrance features
  • Irrigation design (start up and winterization)
  • Concrete walkway and driveway design
  • Accent lighting
  • Snow removal
  • Pest control
  • Large-scale lighting
  • Turf and ornamental treatment applications

Call us today at (757) 436-9617 to learn more about what we can do for our commercial clients.


Does Your Business Have A Snow Removal Plan?

It may not exactly feel like it now, but Hampton Roads is in for a cold winter that is likely to include some ice and snow. Past years have taught us that by the time snow hits, it’s too late to get ahead of slippery sidewalks and damage to landscaping. Having a smart snow removal plan is extremely important for business owners both in terms of customer/employee safety and peace of mind during stressful weather events like snow storms.

Basnight Land & Lawn works for companies, HOA’s and other commercial entities all year long, designing and preserving functional landscapes. During the winter, these clients reserve us to be on high alert for snow and ice removal. These services include:

  • Landscape protection (a particular challenge for water front properties)
  • Snow removal from public sidewalks, driveways and more
  • Landscaping winterization before the snow starts falling and we experience frequent deep freezes.
  • Ice and slip-hazard management

As a business owner or HOA leader, we understand that you have enough on your plate to have to worry about scrambling to keep your commercial property safe and intact in the event of a snowstorm. Let Basnight do the work for you. Get on our snow removal priority list today and find yourself ahead of the game when bad weather hits this winter. Call a landscaping technician at (757) 436-9617 to talk about your snow removal plan.

Commercial property landscaping

Tips for Evaluating Grounds Maintenance Contract Bids

Commercial property landscapingAs we head into the season for RFPs and bids for commercial grounds maintenance contracts, we find property managers often turn to us for help in evaluating the services described.  It can be hard to create an apples-to-apples comparison, and that becomes even more difficult when measuring intangibles, such as expertise. Continue reading


What Property Managers Should Look for In a Landscaping Company

choosing a landscaper

As a business in Hampton Roads that has been around for nearly three decades, we understand the landscaping needs of other businesses in the area. We know how critical it is for you as a property manager that your company, residential complex, or other property makes a great first impression on visitors. That is part of the reason why so many business owners and property managers in the community choose Basnight for their commercial landscaping maintenance and installation needs. It’s important to remember that no two landscapers are alike. Look for these qualities when making your choice.


All properties come with their own unique parameters, needs and crises (Yes! There is such a thing as a landscaping crisis!). An experienced landscaping company rarely encounters a “new” situation and has skilled technicians who know exactly what to do. Younger companies often have a higher number of novice workers who may not be able to tackle a complicated project.


Speaking of workers, you’ll want to be sure that the landscaper you choose has enough staff to respond to a service request and complete a job in a reasonable amount of time. Unlike “two men and a truck,” a larger landscaping service like Basnight Land & Lawn can efficiently accommodate a high volume of clients and give each one thorough attention.

Sufficient Equipment

There is a great deal of value in keeping a large fleet of maintenance equipment that is up to date and in good condition. You don’t want the riding mower that is supposed to keep your property’s grounds pristine breaking down when the job is half finished. Our sister company, Tidewater Mulch, sells and services high quality power equipment, so you don’t have to worry about technical difficulties getting in the way of your project when you work with Basnight.

Whether you need basic grounds maintenance, winterization, custom outdoor lighting, pest control, or any other commercial landscaping service, Basnight has got you covered. We are an award winning, experienced contractor with trained and certified professionals who are ready to devote energy to your property. Request an estimate by calling (757) 436-9617 or filling out the commercial estimate request form.


Snowblower removes snow from the tracks winter after a snowfall

Now Is the Time to Prepare for Winter Snow Removal

Snowblower removes snow from the tracks winter after a snowfall

We’ve experienced an unseasonably warm fall season this year, but as winter approaches, it’s smart to be prepared for snowy, icy weather. Unchecked snow and ice not only pose safety hazards to your customers and employees; they can also hurt business.

We all know the frenzy that overtakes Hampton Roads every time snow is in the forecast. Many people wait until the last minute to prepare and the same goes for business owners. At Basnight Land & Lawn, we tend to get panicked calls from HOA leadership and business owners in the days prior to a snowstorm. Since we serve the clients who reserve us for snow management services first, those who call last minute don’t receive immediate service. Now is the time to contact us about snow management so you don’t have to worry when the forecast calls for a snow plow.

 Our commercial snow removal services include:

  • Ice control on key pathways, stairs and sidewalks
  • Removal of snow from public sidewalks and driveways in subdivisions
  • Snow management on commercial properties
  • Commercial landscaping winterization
  • Protection of landscaping, especially on waterfront properties

At Basnight Land & Lawn, we specialize in making outdoor areas beautiful, functional and safe. Don’t find yourself unable to conduct business because of something as predictable as snow. Call us today at (757) 436-9617 to get on our snow removal list. Let Basnight work with you to develop a personalized snow and ice management plan.