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Fresh start in 2018

New year new yard

January is the time for renewal, and is when many people begin their New Year’s resolutions, working to improve everything from finances their personal health, and even their homes! Though we may have just received a heaping dose of snow, this month is perfect for planning and starting of your exterior home projects.

Rather than spending time throughout the year completing renovations and landscaping, start fresh in 2018 by getting started now! This may seem like a bold and stressful goal, but there are many benefits to tackling your projects early on. Here are a few benefits of a complete overhaul, starting with January planning and design:

More time for yourself: By checking off your backyard renovation plans within the first month of the year, you save more time for activities you love in the next 11 months.  Scheduling professionals for specific times during busy seasons and waiting for more materials can be a hassle, so coordinating multiple projects now and having a crew come out just once will save you from stress later!

Less mess: Nothing is more unsightly in a neighborhood than a house that always has equipment and messes around the yard.  Completing your plans at one time means your home’s exterior will look neat and tidy throughout the rest of the year (and will be the envy of your neighbors)!

Less expenses: Whether you’re redesigning your landscaping, installing an outdoor kitchen or paving a new walkway, hiring a professional is essential for tougher jobs to guarantee great results. It is going to be more cost-effective to hire them once for one large job rather than hiring them multiple times for different tasks.

The snow is melting and it’s time to get a fresh start in 2018! Give us a call at (757) 436-9617 or use our online form and let the experts at Basnight Land & Lawn create the outdoor space of your dreams.


Out With The Old, In With The New (Yard, That Is)

out with the old

2017 is almost over and although the end of the year can be busy with holidays and family gatherings, it is time to start thinking about the new year and all it will bring. We present out with the old, in with the new (yard, that is).

This past year was exciting for homeowners, with a shifted focus to outdoor spaces and fun new trends that were both beautiful and added value to homes. In backyards, there were more green plants added, natural materials used in walkways, seating and outdoor kitchens, and carefully arranged spaces for more family time. We were excited to help our customers put these trends to action and loved seeing happy results!

2018 is just around the corner, and it seems that in the new year, reinvigorating backyards will go even farther. Garden Design Magazine predicts several trends ahead, and Basnight Land & Lawn experts are ready to help you incorporate these new ideas into your own yard! Here are a few 2018 trends we can help with:

1.     Small gardens: Design is everything when planting a garden in a small space, and your garden should look amazing from the start of the year!  We’ll work with you to create a design that suits the specific characteristics of your home while also fitting within your budget.

2.     Dining spaces: More and more people are finding ways to spend time outdoors, and this means outdoor dining areas. This has always been one of our areas of expertise, and know how to make your outdoor seating areas and kitchens a tranquil place that fits your style.

3.     Enclosed, meditative spaces: Creating a more personal space for a calm and meditative environment will take priority in 2018, and our landscapers can help you create beautiful, natural boundaries around your home. Basnight is also a leader in water feature and fountain installation, perfect elements for a relaxing backyard oasis.

4.     Extending useable space: Create an extension of your current space by utilizing designs you already have in your home. Use a “focal” piece to transition an unusable space into a place where everyone wants to go!

If you’re ready to get a head start on these trends by transforming your yard in the new year, give us a call at (757) 436-9617 or schedule a consultation online.


What’s on Your Wish List? New Yard?

New yard from santa

The holiday season is finally here! We know how busy the next few months can be with gift shopping, hosting family and friends, and holiday dinners. However, it is important to remember to take some time for yourself and consider your own wish list as we head into November.

Often when thinking about our home, we want to impress guests, the neighbors or potential buyers. As the current resident though, you are the one who sees your home every day. Your home and yard should look the way you’d like them to be! Think about what activities you love and take a look at areas of your backyard and decide what is on your wish list this holiday season. For instance:

  • Do you frequently have family gatherings or friends over? It may be time to add an outdoor living space, fire pit, kitchen or seating area to your wish list! If you are wondering how you can increase time spent with loved ones in your backyard, adding additional, comfortable seating that encourages socializing may be the solution.
  • Are you unhappy with the state of your lawn and don’t have time to maintain it? Monthly maintenance by our professionals needs to be on your list! Basnight provides services for residential properties keeping irrigations systems working, winterization, grounds maintenance, and service repairs.
  • Are you bored with your backyard and don’t want to spend time in it? Everyone should have their own backyard oasis that they can relax in. If you aren’t spending time in yours, you may need to add some excitement! Add a water feature, pond or landscaping to your wish list and have a beautiful outdoor space right outside your back door!

This holiday season, let Basnight Land & Lawn make your wishes come true. If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor space, landscaping, water features or monthly maintenance, give us a call at (757) 436-9617 or fill out the contact form online to find out what options are best for you.


Fall Backyard Fun

good life

As the weather cools down, people tend to start spending less time in their backyards. Unfortunately, this means they are missing out on all of the fall fun activities their backyard has to offer! We know you put in hard work during the warmer months to make sure your yard looks great, so why not extend the use of it into the fall months? Here are a few ideas for outdoor fall activities you can do at your own home:

  • Movie night: Hosting a movie night in your backyard is simple, fun and easy to clean up. If your town doesn’t have a drive-in theatre, you can create the experience right at home. This activity is perfect for the month of October when everyone loves to watch spooky movies – all you’ll need is a projector and snacks! Tell your guests to bring their own blankets or dress warmly.
  • Bonfires: Nothing sparks memories of fall like a bonfire. Whether it is an outdoor fireplace or a stone fire pit, your guests will associate your home with fond memories for years to come. During October, bonfires are great for toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.
  • Pumpkin carving: Leave the mess outside with this classic activity! Pumpkin carving is fun for people of any age, and your friends and family will have a blast being together in one spot to compare their gourdgeous artwork. For an added twist, turn it into a carving competition!
  • Camping: If your family loves to camp but doesn’t have time for a weekend trip during the busy holiday season, your backyard can become the perfect campsite.  This activity is great for children because they will have the safety and security of being at home with all of the fun that comes with sleeping outdoors in a tent.

At Basnight Land & Lawn, we believe that backyards can be the key to bringing people together during the fall season. If you’re looking for the perfect fire pit, outdoor lighting or landscaping to fuel your fall activities, give us a call at (757) 436-9617 or fill out the contact form online to find out what options are best for you.

Landscaping Services for HOA’s (home owners associations)

HOA Landscaping assistance

Homeowner’s associations (HOAs) responsible for maintaining beautiful landscapes, green spaces and water features that boost property values and enhance the lifestyles of community residents.

As a property manager who answers to HOA leadership, you have the important responsibility of vetting landscape design and maintenance companies for seasonal upkeep. Basnight Land & Lawn understands that every community has unique landscaping needs and challenges. You need a commercial landscaping company that meets needs and faces challenges head on so that residents can enjoy their community and open spaces all year long.

Why should you get a bid from Basnight Land & Lawn?

  • Family-owned and locally established. A fixture in Chesapeake for more than 28 years, Basnight offers extensive knowledge of the area and experience creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes across Hampton Roads. We love going beyond the work that we do and getting involved. Whether it’s holding community events at historic Greenbrier Farms or sponsoring local organizations, Basnight supports Hampton Roads. Give us the chance to be a part of the properties or neighborhoods you manage.
  • Competitive pricing. Neighborhood upkeep and management is costly and we know that you must make the most of every dollar. You will feel comfortable bringing a Basnight bid before HOA leadership because we work with property managers to ensure a fair price.
  • Full service. At Basnight Land & Lawn, our service doesn’t stop at green space maintenance and design. We offer year-round value with:
    • Irrigation design and drainage control measures
    • Creating entrance features for subdivisions
    • Outdoor lighting design
    • Pest control
    • Winterization
    • Snow removal
    • Design and installation of concrete walks and driveways
    • Water feature planning, installation and maintenance.
  • Able to service neighborhoods and communities of all sizes. No matter how big or small, we have the labor capacity to complete the job in a timely manner. With more than 250 employees, Basnight is well-equipped to give our best to your neighborhood.
  • Solid local, regional and national reputation. Most recently, Basnight Land & Lawn earned gold in the Virginian Pilot’s “Best of 2015” for Landscaper and Outdoor Lighting Design Services in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach (Read this post for other “Best Of” awards received this year).  We were also awarded the “Master Craftsman” status from Belgard Hardscapes—making Basnight one of only 69 landscaping companies with that distinction

Request a Commercial Landscaping Quote on the Behalf of Your HOA Today

For more information about our commercial landscaping services or to schedule a consultation, call Basnight Land and Lawn at (757) 436-9617 or fill out the contact us form on our website. We will be happy to provide your homeowner’s association or property management company with a reasonable estimate.

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Making the Most of Your Waterfront Home

If you own waterfront property you know that along with amazing views and recreational convenience come the headache of additional maintenance. Whether on a lake, river, bay or the ocean, waterfront properties have their own unique challenges, from sloping terrain, nesting birds, erosion and pollution control, and strict community or city mandated guidelines.

landscape installation

With careful planning, there are effective techniques that optimize the beauty of waterfront living, while maintaining functionality and safety:

Plant Selection:
Natural ponds, streams, tidal zones, lakes and rivers benefit ecologically when a transition zone of native plants is kept between the water’s edge and the yard or garden. Native plants generally require less maintenance or fertilization, making them hassle-free and environmentally friendly.

Landscape professionals often opt for outdoor lighting to enhance the aesthetics and safety of waterfront property. This additioncan enhance the value of your home, transforming a beautiful property into something truly breathtaking. Lights can add ambiance to walkways and make it easier to host guests with outdoor living areas after dark.

Hardscape Levels:
Waterfront properties naturally slope downward where the yard meets the water. While it is easy to deem this space unusable, a skilled landscaper can transform this area with hardscapes, multi-leveled decks or patios, steps, and paver walkways. Retaining walls, bulkheads and riprap — stones or boulders covering the water’s edge — prevent erosion of waterfront property.

Fencing, walls and gates serve multiple purposes for waterfront homes. They offer privacy, define space, help control runoff and protect your lawn from rising water levels and storms. Gates provide access to docks or paths to the water, but also serve as a protective barrier for children, pets or unwanted visitors. City ordinances and homeowners associations often set guidelines for fencing heights and materials. Be sure you work with a landscape company like Basnight Land & Lawn who is familiar with these rules.

If you own a waterfront home, or you are contemplating buying waterfront property, be sure to call Basnight Land & Lawn at 757-436-9617 to learn more about how we can maximize space and create an environment perfectly suited to your family’s needs.
Hardscaped fire pit and surrounding seating

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5 Great Ways To Enjoy Your Landscape

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5 Great Ways To Enjoy Your Landscape

More and more people are investing in their homes with a professionally designed and installed landscape. Landscapes are more commonly seen by the homeowner as an extension of the home itself. A well planned, professionally installed landscape opens the possibility of enjoying many outdoor activities.  The options for improvements and amenities to your yard seem endless. The following are just a few examples of landscape enhancements:  paver patios, walk paths, retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens & grills, pools, gazebos, pergolas, ponds, vegetable or flower gardens and outdoor lighting.

  1. Relaxing – Whether sitting in a chair on your paver patio or next to your pool on a chaise lounge, relaxing in your own yard is one of the most popular ways to appreciate your landscape. There are many activities that are well suited to accompany your leisure: reading your favorite novel, magazine, or blog; sunning; listening to music; or viewing the mesmerizing flames in your fire pit, are just a few.
  1. Meals – A few traditional and still popular ways to savor a meal outdoors is to have a picnic or fire up your favorite grill. A more modern alternative is to have an outdoor grill or kitchen. There are many different styles and options for appliances such as: ovens, grills, sinks, refrigerators, and stone hearth pizza ovens. The pleasing aroma of your culinary masterpiece will surely have your neighbors’ line up at your front door for a taste.
  1. Entertaining – Entertaining family and friends in your yard is an American pastime. Whether a holiday or special occasion, there are few settings more comfortable than entertaining in your very own backyard landscape. Patios and decks are great staging areas, especially if you have an outdoor kitchen and seating area. Add a beverage cooler to your outdoor kitchen and your social becomes a party. Music is another great addition to any get-together and with the availability of low cost portable Bluetooth speakers paired with a mobile device, anyone can become a DJ.
  1. Exercise & Outdoor Sports – Instead of going to a gym, why not exercise in your yard and enjoy the setting the outdoors can offer. Yoga and free weight lifting can easily be done on your patio or deck. If you are a sporting person, you can: play volleyball, soccer, football, cornhole, or practice your golf swing by driving on an artificial tee. Another great and rewarding activity is playing with your pets in your backyard. And if you have a dog, most will want to play fetch till your arm gets too tired to move.
  1. Gardening – With flower and vegetable gardens can be quite relaxing, provide some exercise and be visually pleasing to the senses. There seems to be no end to the color and texture combinations within a flower garden. And for food lovers and cooks alike, who does not enjoy an easy access to fresh veggies?

If you really want to relax, let the award winning team at Basnight Land and Lawn design your ultimate landscape. Give our friendly staff a call at 757.436.9617.

Make your landscape dreams come true.