Choosing a Patio Walkway

Decks and patios are meant to be places for relaxation, celebration and entertainment. Ideally, these outdoor spaces are seamless extensions from the interior to the exterior of a home that reflect the unique style and address the functional needs of the homeowner. At Basnight Land & Lawn, we view the pavers and walkways that lead to and make up patios as vital transition areas that deserve attention and artistry. Take these elements into consideration when choosing the material for your walkway:

  • Form. Whichever material you pick to pave the way, make sure it complements what comes before. For example, if you have warm hardwood floors inside your home, think about mimicking that warmth outside with red brick pavers. Also consider the way the pavers complement the landscaping surrounding the walkways.
  • Combinations. To add a ton of visual interest to your patio, we recommend combining materials (like slate and bluestone or bricks and stamped concrete).
  • Function. Does your walkway lead to a pool deck? Think about choosing brick or another “slip-proof” paver to account for safety. Concerned about damaging the pavers around an outdoor kitchen or grill? Make sure your contractor uses the recommended sealant to protect from stains and burns.
  • Maintenance. Different types of pavers have different maintenance and cleaning needs and some need more attention than others. If you don’t want to be cleaning your patio walkways monthly, think about brick or aggregate stone (loose stones). If you don’t mind the maintenance, natural stone pavers like granite, marble or limestone (all require a sealant for outdoor use) may work well for you.

If you are ready to upgrade or redesign your patio or just the walkway, call or contact Basnight Land & Lawn. Our talented team can help you make the decisions that best fit your style and functional needs. Call today at (757) 436-9617.