What Property Managers Should Look for In a Landscaping Company

choosing a landscaper

As a business in Hampton Roads that has been around for nearly three decades, we understand the landscaping needs of other businesses in the area. We know how critical it is for you as a property manager that your company, residential complex, or other property makes a great first impression on visitors. That is part of the reason why so many business owners and property managers in the community choose Basnight for their commercial landscaping maintenance and installation needs. It’s important to remember that no two landscapers are alike. Look for these qualities when making your choice.


All properties come with their own unique parameters, needs and crises (Yes! There is such a thing as a landscaping crisis!). An experienced landscaping company rarely encounters a “new” situation and has skilled technicians who know exactly what to do. Younger companies often have a higher number of novice workers who may not be able to tackle a complicated project.


Speaking of workers, you’ll want to be sure that the landscaper you choose has enough staff to respond to a service request and complete a job in a reasonable amount of time. Unlike “two men and a truck,” a larger landscaping service like Basnight Land & Lawn can efficiently accommodate a high volume of clients and give each one thorough attention.

Sufficient Equipment

There is a great deal of value in keeping a large fleet of maintenance equipment that is up to date and in good condition. You don’t want the riding mower that is supposed to keep your property’s grounds pristine breaking down when the job is half finished. Our sister company, Tidewater Mulch, sells and services high quality power equipment, so you don’t have to worry about technical difficulties getting in the way of your project when you work with Basnight.

Whether you need basic grounds maintenance, winterization, custom outdoor lighting, pest control, or any other commercial landscaping service, Basnight has got you covered. We are an award winning, experienced contractor with trained and certified professionals who are ready to devote energy to your property. Request an estimate by calling (757) 436-9617 or filling out the commercial estimate request form.