Brightly Colored Winter Panseys

Creating a Tranquil Outdoor Space

Brightly Colored Winter PanseysThe holidays are approaching and life is likely getting busier and perhaps a bit stressful. At Basnight Land & Lawn, we believe that your home should be a place where you can you go to escape from the hustle and bustle rather than a place where it finds you. Part of keeping your cool during the holidays, especially with our mild Virginia Beach weather, is having an outdoor space that makes you smile and breathe a little easier.

Is there an aspect of your home’s landscape that draws your eye in a bad way? While you may not realize it, little things like that can add stress and negativity to your life. As the days get darker and the weather gets colder, consider these ways to make your yard and patio a positive place.

  • Light your walkways. In winter, many of us get home from work after the sun has already gone down. Outdoor path lighting is a great way to show off your landscaping at night and a practical way to stay safe.
  • Invest in a fire pit. In our last blog post, we showcased a beautiful patio, complete with a fire pit. More and more of our clients are asking for custom, built-in fire pits, in part because having one makes enjoying being outdoors all year long a little cozier.
  • Keep the color in your landscape. From pansies to winter honeysuckle, there are plenty of annuals that grow well during our temperate winters. Basnight specializes in andscape design and installation and we can help you brighten up your yard for a season that is cold and gray in the eyes of many.

If any of your exterior spaces are stressing you out, let it go by calling Basnight Land & Lawn at 757-436-9617! We will create a landscaping or hardscaping solution that suits your unique needs.