We Are Ready for Winter Snow Removal

Winter is Here!
It’s not just the Holiday Season it’s also Snow Season! So what’s your snow or ice event plan? If you rely on Basnight Land & Lawn to keep your grounds safe and clear, then be sure you’ve sent your snow contract back to us! This is the most important step to ensure a rapid response when the freeze sets in. Be ready now before the first storm!

Exciting News!
We have invested in our fleet for 2017! One key upgrade is new technology for dispatching and route planning. For you this means an even quicker response time! Check out our snow equipment photo. The Basnight Land & Lawn Team is a mighty force ready and waiting. Secure your place with us today!

Should you need an updated contract for the current season, please reach out to your Area Manager or call the Office at 757-436-9617.

Natural Ice-Melt!
Basnight Land & Lawn was at the forefront of the use of “Green” ice treatments for commercial applications within our region. All-Natural Ice Melter was harder to get and more expensive than conventionally harsh chemicals, but it has always been the right fit for who we are as a company. You may see some “new” “Green” ice melts on the market, but they are essentially the same as our go-to product.

The Manufacturer of our preferred ice melter, The Kissner Group, is North America’s leading ice melt manufacturer and deicer supplier. This product is industry leading in safety, environmental and pet friendliness, as well as, it’s non-pitting to concrete and won’t damage the lawn. When professionally applied, it is non-slip and is long lasting and fast acting. Our Ice Melt has a blue color indicator to allow the consumer, applicator and customer a visual of the areas that have been treated.  


If you have in-house staff and you treat your own grounds for ice, your best advantage is buying ice melt treatments at wholesale. We will extend that discount to you all season! Avoid retail pricing and buy where the Professionals Buy. Call our Sister company Tidewater Mulch & Material (757) 436-0149.