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Making the Most of Your Waterfront Home

If you own waterfront property you know that along with amazing views and recreational convenience come the headache of additional maintenance. Whether on a lake, river, bay or the ocean, waterfront properties have their own unique challenges, from sloping terrain, nesting birds, erosion and pollution control, and strict community or city mandated guidelines.

landscape installation

With careful planning, there are effective techniques that optimize the beauty of waterfront living, while maintaining functionality and safety:

Plant Selection:
Natural ponds, streams, tidal zones, lakes and rivers benefit ecologically when a transition zone of native plants is kept between the water’s edge and the yard or garden. Native plants generally require less maintenance or fertilization, making them hassle-free and environmentally friendly.

Landscape professionals often opt for outdoor lighting to enhance the aesthetics and safety of waterfront property. This additioncan enhance the value of your home, transforming a beautiful property into something truly breathtaking. Lights can add ambiance to walkways and make it easier to host guests with outdoor living areas after dark.

Hardscape Levels:
Waterfront properties naturally slope downward where the yard meets the water. While it is easy to deem this space unusable, a skilled landscaper can transform this area with hardscapes, multi-leveled decks or patios, steps, and paver walkways. Retaining walls, bulkheads and riprap — stones or boulders covering the water’s edge — prevent erosion of waterfront property.

Fencing, walls and gates serve multiple purposes for waterfront homes. They offer privacy, define space, help control runoff and protect your lawn from rising water levels and storms. Gates provide access to docks or paths to the water, but also serve as a protective barrier for children, pets or unwanted visitors. City ordinances and homeowners associations often set guidelines for fencing heights and materials. Be sure you work with a landscape company like Basnight Land & Lawn who is familiar with these rules.

If you own a waterfront home, or you are contemplating buying waterfront property, be sure to call Basnight Land & Lawn at 757-436-9617 to learn more about how we can maximize space and create an environment perfectly suited to your family’s needs.
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