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Drainage Solutions for a Soggy Yard

drainage solutions

Living in Hampton Roads, most of us have experienced the pervasive effects of flooding after heavy rain, especially in the springtime. For homeowners, this means facing potential flooding and damage to landscaping thanks to poor drainage planning. That’s why we believe that every yard should have a “drainage strategy.” At Basnight, we specialize in creating, implementing and maintaining drainage strategies for both residential and commercial properties.

Do you find that after it rains your yard doesn’t just seem wet, but mushy and waterlogged or takes days to dry up? This not only makes it impossible to enjoy the lawn during the rainy season; it also contributes to turf rot, root rot, and the “drowning” of plants that don’t require a lot of water. Perhaps one of the biggest risks of bad drainage is damage to a home’s foundation. If you routinely have a soggy lawn, it is very likely that you may soon experience these issues as well.

Potential Drainage Solutions

While we know that every lawn and home are different, there are a few standard fixes and drainage strategies in which our landscaping technicians specialize.

  • Replacing Beds and Adding Plants. One way to minimize the impact of poor lawn drainage is to fortify existing plants with ones that thrive with a great deal of water. Those plants can help “drink up” the excess water and are best installed with a new bed of soil. This solution generally does not completely solve the problem but can help manage it slowly but surely.
  • Regrading the Lawn. If your lawn is completely flat with no drainage contingency, water after a heavy rain can only sit on the turf surface as it as nowhere else to go. One way to fix this is to create a downgrade in the yard.
  • Installing Drain Tile Systems. Drain tiles are installed to help collect and redistribute water in soggy lawns. The best part about these tiles is that they encourage reabsorption in the soil.

These are just a few of the ways our experts manage drainage issues around homes and commercial properties. Let us come to you, assess the issue, and provide an estimate for a workable solution. Poor drainage goes beyond a soggy lawn and fixing it works to the benefit of your landscape, your lifestyle and the foundation of your home. Call us today at (757) 436-9617 or fill out the Contact Us form now.