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What’s Your Snow Removal Plan?

snow removal plans

If you’re like most proactive property managers, you’re already thinking about winter snow and ice removal for the upcoming season. The smart play is to have your resources lined up now, so your property gets the attention it needs when the snow starts to fly. Effective snow removal is more than plowing into a mound in the corner of your lot – there are proper ways to prevent ice without damaging the underlying sidewalks, and to avoid harming your landscaping and plants.

Every year Basnight Land & Lawn gets calls from frantic property managers who either didn’t get around to planning ahead, or are not getting service from their planned provider. While we always try to help and get those properties added to our route, our contracted accounts always get service first.

Having a smart snow removal plan is extremely important for property and business owners, both in terms of customer/employee safety and peace of mind during stressful weather events like snow storms.

Now is the time to talk with your Basnight Land & Lawn rep about:

  • Landscape protection (a particular challenge for waterfront properties).
  • Snow removal from public sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and walkways.
  • Landscaping winterization before the snow starts falling and when experiencing frequent deep freezes.
  • Ice and slip-hazard management.

This year, let Basnight do the work for you and provide peace of mind. Get on our snow removal priority list today and find yourself ahead of the game when bad weather hits the area this winter. Call a landscaping technician at (757) 436-9617 to talk about your snow removal plan.ice-melt

Natural Ice Melt

Have you heard about our “green” all-natural ice melt? It doesn’t harm sidewalks, pavers, lawns or landscaping, yet keeps your property clear of ice. It’s both long-lasting and fast-acting, and has a helpful blue color so it’s easy to see where the ice-melt has been applied. Keep in mind, some ice-melting products cannot be used in spaces that pets have access to, so be sure to use something that is “pet-safe”.

Snowblower removes snow from the tracks winter after a snowfall

Now Is the Time to Prepare for Winter Snow Removal

Snowblower removes snow from the tracks winter after a snowfall

We’ve experienced an unseasonably warm fall season this year, but as winter approaches, it’s smart to be prepared for snowy, icy weather. Unchecked snow and ice not only pose safety hazards to your customers and employees; they can also hurt business.

We all know the frenzy that overtakes Hampton Roads every time snow is in the forecast. Many people wait until the last minute to prepare and the same goes for business owners. At Basnight Land & Lawn, we tend to get panicked calls from HOA leadership and business owners in the days prior to a snowstorm. Since we serve the clients who reserve us for snow management services first, those who call last minute don’t receive immediate service. Now is the time to contact us about snow management so you don’t have to worry when the forecast calls for a snow plow.

 Our commercial snow removal services include:

  • Ice control on key pathways, stairs and sidewalks
  • Removal of snow from public sidewalks and driveways in subdivisions
  • Snow management on commercial properties
  • Commercial landscaping winterization
  • Protection of landscaping, especially on waterfront properties

At Basnight Land & Lawn, we specialize in making outdoor areas beautiful, functional and safe. Don’t find yourself unable to conduct business because of something as predictable as snow. Call us today at (757) 436-9617 to get on our snow removal list. Let Basnight work with you to develop a personalized snow and ice management plan.